The dreaded rejection. I’ve read countless blogs, sites and books that all told me about the inevitable rejection; unless you’re in the lucky, or super-skilled few percent that got callbacks and offers in their first batch of submissions. I was not in that bunch.

But it is important to not take any rejection personally. Most of mine have been easily discernible as copy and pasted, pre-written paragraphs to tell you how the book isn’t for them, their lists don’t suit it, and that the market is very tough. With the amount of weekly submissions each agent receives, this is understandable; they have more facets to their job than writing individual replies.

I did not allow this to get me down, as it can be easy for something like this to let doubt creep in. It’s best to ignore them and continue doing what you like – more writing. I have since found another batch of agents to send my improved manuscript to. I will be doing a couple of future posts on the best ways I’ve found to search precisely for appropriate agents and a helpful service that helped edit and improve my skills as an author.

But in the end, keep at it, which is what I intend to do. And if the process leads towards self-publishing, that’s the route I’ll go.